Calvert Hall Newsletter
November, 2009

NOVEMBER 26, 2009    10 AM

Dear Parents, Alumni and Friends,
We are writing to you again this year to enlist your support in preserving the wonderful traditions of our annual Turkey Bowl.

The focus of this long-standing, friendly rivalry should be on the players, the game, the family atmosphere, and on renewing friendships. This event is unique in Maryland and is a wonderful part of the heritage of both Loyola and Calvert Hall.

In the past, some unfortunate incidents of poor behavior have occurred at the stadium related to alcohol consumption. If allowed to go unchecked, such occurrences would jeopardize the future of this tradition. Your cooperation with our continuing efforts to improve behaviors at the game has been successful. Accordingly, we ask you to remember and comply with the following:

1) Use of alcohol is strictly prohibited both inside the stadium and in the parking lots before, during and after the game. Even though the Turkey Bowl occurs off campus, it is still considered a school-sponsored event. Therefore, all campus rules on behavior apply as if the event were taking place on either Loyola or Calvert Hall property.

2) Adults, whether parents or alumni, are expected to set the standard for appropriate behavior, so we ask that you help enforce and abide by these rules.

3) Remember, tailgating is not permitted at either school or in the stadium parking lots on game day. Stadium security will patrol the parking lots and strictly enforce this prohibition.

4) We encourage parents to speak to their children about proper behavior surrounding this event, and to make sure that their children are properly supervised and have safe transportation to and from the stadium.

Although society continues to lower standards of behavior and accountability for young people, we seek instead to raise these standards within our respective schools. This goal may require some sacrifices from us as adults in order to model what we expect from our young men. We believe more strongly in this goal than in the tradition of the Turkey Bowl, or any other athletic event. Please help us to preserve this unique tradition by promoting positive, respectful, encouraging and friendly behavior among all our fans at this year’s Turkey Bowl.

Go Cards Go and Roll Dons Roll!


Br. Thomas Zoppo, FSC
President, Calvert Hall

Reverend Thomas A. Pesci, S.J.         
President, Loyola Blakefield