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McMullen Scholars Program

The McMullen Scholars Program is a highly competitive, integrated program of study that provides a well-rounded education to select students at Calvert Hall College.  The program provides an experience that challenges and stimulates students through rigorous courses, unique cultural and academic field experiences, and original research opportunities.  Students engage the accelerated content of Honors and Advanced Placement courses in English, Social Studies, Classical and Modern Languages, Mathematics and the Sciences. In addition, Scholars are required to take additional courses in Honors Latin and the Humanities.

The McMullen Scholars Program prepares gifted students for distinguished achievement in higher education and beyond. With an awareness that we live in an increasingly global community, the McMullen Scholars program develops the communication skills and cultural appreciation that are the foundations for educational and professional success.

In their senior year, Scholars must devise and complete a Senior Independent Project. This can take many forms: a research paper of 25-35 pages, an original musical composition, literary or artistic work, original scientific research, or an internship-based research project rooted in the experiences gained at an internship in one of many fields. They work with a Readers’ Committee to develop and create the project. One of their Readers is usually a mentor outside of the school community with expertise in their area of study. The Scholars then present their project to their fellow students and any interested faculty in a seminar format. This is a full credit course taken alongside the ordinary senior requirements.

McMullen Scholars are encouraged to pursue Honors or Advanced placement-level courses in English, Social Studies, Classical and Modern Languages, Mathematics, and the Sciences.  They are required to maintain Honors-level study in at least two disciplines throughout their four years at Calvert Hall.  These courses are designed to challenge the intellectually gifted student through accelerated content, interdisciplinary approaches, collaborative learning, and original research.

Program Directors
Mr. Louis Miserendino
Social Studies (CHC), Foreign Language (CHC), McMullen Scholars Program (CHC)
Director, McMullen Scholars
Loyola University - B.A.
Grad Year: 1999

Mr. Peter Lynch
Science (CHC), McMullen Scholars Program (CHC)
Assistant Director, McMullen Scholars
University of Pennsylvania - M.S.Ed.
University of Pittsburgh - B.S.