Calvert Hall is committed to protecting the health and safety of all of its community members in the fall. To that end, and in order to design our  reopening plan, the school has put together an Advisory Task Force of professionals from different communities (doctors, medical personnel, etc.) as well as consulting other schools and experts in the field along with guidance from the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, and other state/local education and health agencies.

The information below is our plan at this time. As conditions change, it will be updated on a regular basis.

Please check back frequently for updates. If have any questions, please email us at

Reopening Logistics

List of 16 frequently asked questions.

  • Academic Model for the Reopening of Calvert Hall

    Provided that we will be permitted to reopen, our plan at this point is to begin the year with a hybrid model. One-half of the students will come to school two days a week and the other half will come to school the other two days of the week.

    Students will be assigned to either “A” group or “B” group.  “A” group will come to school on Monday & Tuesday.  “B” group will come to school on Thursday & Friday.  If your son needs to be put in a group with other students, because of transportation issue, please click here to fill out the form we sent out in our August 4 email update.  Please indicate this information by August 12.  We will indicate which group student are in the week of August 17.

    On Wednesday, virtual half-credit classes will occur, office hours for faculty will be scheduled so students can get extra assistance, and this day will offer a chance for faculty and students to “catch-up.” This will also offer us an opportunity to thoroughly clean the building mid-week. We believe there is a good chance we will need to switch between modalities (all students in the building, hybrid model, all virtual). Because we will be on our normal 6 day / 8 periods a day schedule, we will be able to switch between modalities seamlessly.
  • Advantages of a Hybrid Model

    We believe there is a very good chance we will need to switch between modalities (all students in building, hybrid model, all virtual). Because we will be on our normal 6 day/8periods a day schedule, we will be able to switch between modalities seamlessly.

    This model will also allow students who do not feel comfortable being in school to receive instruction at home. All classes will be taught in person with at-home students having ability to use Microsoft Teams to virtually be in the class. This will maximize synchronous learning from home. If a student's comfort level changes and he would like to attend in-person classes, that can certainly be arranged.

    This model also takes into account the feedback we received in the spring from parents, students, and faculty who indicated a desire for more structure and more classes.
  • In-Person Learning Social Distancing

    Students will be socially distanced in class. Extra desks will be taken out of the classroom.

    We will continue to provide lectures. Larger lectures will be held in both lecture halls and possibly the theatre.

    Classroom doors will be open to limit the touches on door handles.
  • Daily Health Screenings

    Students who have any flu-like symptoms must stay home. The Perfect Attendance Award has been discontinued. Additionally, a daily questionnaire will need to be completed accurately before each student arrives to school.
  • Hand Sanitizers & Wipes

    While we have installed additional hand sanitizers around the building and the building will be cleaned more thoroughly, we ask each student to have a can of wipes and a small hand sanitizer with them each day. We will ask students to wipe down their desk at the beginning of each class.If a student forgets his wipes, a limited amount of disinfectant spray will be available.
  • BYOD Requirements

    We ask that each student’s computer be equipped with a camera and microphone. If a student’s computer is not equipped with these features, we ask that these add-ons be purchased so learning can be maximized. In order to provide the best possible experience, students should use a computer to attend classes as opposed to their phone. Additionally, students will need a reliable internet connection. If a student does not have access to the internet, please contact Ronnie Phillips at to inquire about purchasing a discounted hot spot.

    Click here to review Calvert Hall's BYOD requirements. 
  • Dress Code & Masks

    All faculty and students will be required to wear masks. Each student will be given a CHC mask during orientation. Only a CHC mask or a plain mask will be permitted.

    Masks should be washed daily. Masks should cover the nose and mouth and wrap under the chin. Click here for additional information regarding masks.

    While sport coats will need to be worn during orientation for a student’s ID picture, sport coats will not need to be worn during the first semester.
  • Facilities 

    Hand sanitizer stations will be available in all of the buildings. Plexiglass has been installed to enhance safety at all counter and student service stations. All cleaning and disinfectant protocols are being reviewed and updated. The maintenance staff is being expanded to provide additional cleaning throughout the school day. High touch points, restrooms, the Health Suite, the Dining Hall and servery will recieve particular attention. Classroom doors will remain open to reduce the number of touches. Hallways will be designated as one way to enhance social distancing. Additionally, CDC signage is displayed in restrooms and throughout campus to increase awareness and encourage compliance.
  • Hallway Layout & Locker Usage

    All hallways will be designated for one-way traffic.

    Lockers will be available for use but only available before & after school and on free periods. Students will not be able to go to their lockers between classes.
  • Common Space Usage

    Common areas such as the Library, Commons, and Dining Hall will have limited seating. Public computers in the Library and the Academic Resource Center will not be available.

    The Auxiliary Gym will be designated as one overflow area. Desks will be put in the Aux Gym and students will be able to study in this area during free periods.

    At this time, our plan calls for two outdoor tents which will be available for overflow. One tent will be put in the plaza of George Young Hall for outdoor dining. A second tent will be available in the area of the baseball field/practice fields for study. Depending on weather, the walls of the tent may be up to increase airflow or they may be down during inclement weather.
  • Dining Hall

    The Dining Hall will be open for food service. The menu will be more limited and all food will be served in pre-packaged or “grab and go” fashion. Only a limited number of students will be allowed in the serving area at a time.

    Payment for food will be cashless. It will be necessary for all students to either use their ID cards, which are attached to a First Financial Federal checking account, or to use a FFFCU campus debit card. The FFFCU student-run branch at Calvert Hall will continue to be available.

    Students will be socially distanced in the Dining Hall. Masks will be required in the Dining Hall when students are moving about and not eating.

    Students will be able to fill their water bottles at water stations throughout the campus, but drinking fountains will not be available.  
  • Health Suite

    The Nurse’s Office is equipped with new air purifiers and additional PPE equipment. Separate spaces will be available for medication/diabetics, injuries, and symptomatic students.
  • LaSalle & Academic Support Students

    Academic Support Students will meet in Room 210. Plexiglas partitions will be put in each LaSalle office to provide separate areas for students/teachers to work.
  • Retreats

    While the faith development of our students is vital to our mission, and faith activities will take place during the first semester, retreats and service projects will not occur during the first semester.
  • Activities & Athletics

    Under guidance from the MIAA, fall athletics have been postponed until the beginning of September. Tentative tryouts for fall athletics may begin on September 1 with game dates in late-September. However, the MIAA has indicated it will review this information in mid-August to see if fall athletics will be possible.

    We will evaluate the possibility of activities once the school year begins.

  • Visitors on Campus

    There will be limited visitors allowed in the building.

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