Honors Programs at Calvert Hall

In addition to our rigorous classroom programs, qualifying top students are considered for one of our two Academic Honors Programs:
  • The McMullen Scholars ProgramThis program is a highly competitive, integrated program of study that provides a well-rounded education to select students at Calvert Hall College. Students engage the accelerated content of  honors and advanced placement courses, and they are required to take additional courses in honors Latin and the Humanities.  The program culminates with the McMullen Capstone Experience.
  • Brother Tom Miller Honors Program: The Br. Tom Miller Honors program stimulates a student's love for learning by challenging him with rigorous course offerings and developing his whole persona with cultural experiences and leadership opportunities outside the traditional classroom setting.
These programs are designed for students ready to dedicate themselves to a highly demanding workload, with challenging and stimulating advanced courses, unique cultural and academic field experiences, and original research opportunities.

Distinguished Programs at Calvert Hall

In addition to our Honors Programs, students can also benefit from several other programs designed for students across the learning spectrum.
  • The La Salle Program: This unique program is designed to serve a select group of college-bound students with identified language learning disabilities and enable them to thrive, rather than merely survive their high school experience. The La Salle program pairs each student with a trained and dedicated learning specialist for truly individualized attention as he completes the same academic program as other Calvert Hall students.  This program is not comprised of short-term solutions such as content tutoring or help with homework; it is a well-designed approach to learning which focuses on remediating students' underlying reading and writing deficits.
  • The Academic Support Program: This program serves students who would benefit from direct instruction in the skills needed for success in high school and college but do not need the reading or writing remediation (critical for dyslexic/dysgraphic students) emphasized in the La Salle Program. Students in this program may have diagnosed learning differences such as ADHD/Executive Function Disorder or may simply want additional instruction to improve in these areas.
  • The STEM Program: As an integrated educational and experiential program of academics and activities, our STEM program is designed to encourage students as they develop the skills of problem-solving, discovery, and investigative learning. Students transfer formal classroom experiences into dynamic and meaningful activities outside of the classroom in the practical application of STEM in the 21st century.

  • The Leadership Institute:  This program is designed to facilitate the development of 21st century leaders responding to our Lasallian charism, school mission and graduate profile. Established in the fall of 2016, the program seeks to be flexible and to be inclusive, allowing students who wish to gain practical leadership skills, the opportunity to learn and grow.

Calvert Hall College High School

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Calvert Hall College, a Lasallian Catholic college preparatory school, prepares a diverse community of young men to achieve their full potential utilizing their unique talents. Through excellent academic and extracurricular programs led by innovative and dedicated educators, our students become confident men with the ethical foundation for service, independent thinking,and responsible leadership. Inspired by the faith and zeal of St. John Baptist de LaSalle, our students develop a respect for others as part of an inclusive, lifelong Calvert Hall brotherhood as Men of Intellect, Men of Faith and Men of Integrity.