Calvert Hall's STEM program is a comprehensive certificate program integrating academic courses with extracurricular activities, self-directed study, or internships in all four areas of STEM.  Our STEM program is designed to encourage students in the skills of problem-solving, discovery, and investigative learning.  Formal classroom experiences and extracurricular activities will engage students in the practical application of STEM and 21st century skills.  Any rising sophomore is eligible to participate and must request status by notifying the STEM Coordinator in the summer between the freshman and sophomore years.  STEM candidates participate in the program during the sophomore, junior and senior years.  STEM candidates must satisfy all requirements to continue in the STEM program each year and be acknowledged as a STEM graduate.

STEM Program Coordinator

List of 2 members.

  • Susan Grzech 

    College of Notre Dame of Maryland - B.A.
  • Frank Passaro 

    Towson University - M.Ed
    Georgetown University - B.S.
    Calvert Hall Class of 1971


Academic Component: 
  • Take a minimum of four years of science.
  • Take a minimum of four years of math.
  • Take at least 1 STEM-related elective.
  • Have no grade of less than 83% in STEM classes by the end of each year.
  • Maintain an 83% average overall for all courses at the end of the year.
Extracurricular Component:  
  • Participation in one or a combination of STEM activities over three years.  
    • Sample activities include:
      • Computer/Robotics Club
      • Technology Support Club 
      • Cyber Patriot Club
      • ACE Program
      • CHC TV 
      • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Club    
      • Maryland Math League 
      • Physics Olympics 
      • Summer STEM Program/Camp
      • Self-directed Study or Internship Component 

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