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Summer Reading

Summer Reading Program

Each returning student is asked to read a book over the summer. Students enrolled in AP courses will be assigned additional reading. All students will read classic piece of literature that is selected by the English Department as this book will be a springboard to discussion in their English class in the fall. Students will also need to complete an assignment based on the reading. Once these assignments become available, they will posted on the download section of this page. 

Freshmen and transfer students will also need to read, "I, John Baptist De la Salle."

Summer Reading – Chosen by the English Department
This book is assigned to based on the English course each student is enrolled in for next academic year. Students may click the summer reading tile to the right to learn more. This book cannot be purchased through eCampus along with other textbooks. All students will need their course numbers to select their assignments.

eCampus Online Book Store: Click here to view the eCampus Online Book Store ordering instructions. Click here for additional information on how to find your books and purchase them. 

Summer Reading Assignments

Incoming Freshmen and new Transfer Students: Each incoming freshmen and transfer students are asked to read a PDF version of I, John Baptist de La Salle. I, St. John Baptist de La Salle is required reading for all freshmen and transfer students. The link can be found below. Additionally, be sure to click the link below to view the English summer reading assignments. 

Upperclassmen: All upperclassmen should check the student resource board and click on the Summer Reading Info tile for more information.