Summer Reading

Summer Reading Program

The goal of the Summer Reading Program is to develop a habit of reading in students as well as to promote a lifelong love of reading. Mindful that summer is an opportunity for students to get out of the classroom and enjoy their summer while also encouraging them to explore the world of books.

Each returning student will now be required to read two books over the summer. The first book will be a classic piece of literature that is selected by the English Department, this book will be a springboard to discussion in their English class in the fall. You will also need to complete an assignment for your English book. Once these assignments become available they will posted on the download section of this page.

The second book for sophomores, juniors, and seniors was selected by the student from a list of books nominated by faculty members. This list contains contemporary and classics, fiction and non-fiction books. The student is expected to read the book over the summer and be prepared to engage in discussion about the book in a small group during a special schedule day in September. Freshmen and transfer students will read, "I, John Baptist De la Salle."

****** All students will need their course numbers to select their assignments.

FIRST BOOK (OR BOOKS) – Chosen by the English Department
This book is assigned to you based on the English course you are enrolled in for next academic year. You may click the summer reading tile to the right to learn more. You cannot purchase this book through Follett along with your other textbooks, you must get this book from another store.

SECOND BOOK -  I, John Baptist De la Salle
Details for this book can be found in the summer reading tile to the right under Course 111.

If you are planning to retake the Mathematics Placement test, please review the sample topics and problems (Algebra IAlgebra IIGeometry). 

Follett Online Book Store: Click Here to view the Follett Online Book Store ordering instructions. Click here for additional information on how to find your books and purchase them. 

Summer Reading Assignments

Incoming Freshmen and new Transfer Students: Each incoming freshman or transfer student is asked to read a PDF version of I, John Baptist de La Salle.  Click HERE for the PDF of the I, St. John Baptist de La Salle required reading for all Freshmen and Transfer Students. These assignments can be found HERE. Links to additional summer reading will be made available by Friday, June 21 with a mailing to follow. 

Upperclassmen: All upperclassmen should check the student resource board and click on the Summer Reading Info tile for more information. 

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