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Calvert Hall graduates join a unique brotherhood of men that become the leaders of tomorrow. Our academically rigorous programs (Program of Studies) do not just raise the bar, but they provide the supports that ensure each student is being intellectually challenged and can meet those challenges. We push beyond what is easy, so our students reach their highest potentials.
We invite you to join the rich tradition that has been enjoyed by thousands of young men in the Baltimore region. A Calvert Hall education is a transformative experience that continues long after graduation. Our students become Men of Intellect, Men of Faith, and Men of Integrity, and the relationships they develop over four years at “The Hall” last forever.
We believe that every student is entitled to an excellent academic education, and we seek students with strong academic records who are bright, motivated, hard-working, and want a college preparatory education steeped in the Lasallian tradition, with an emphasis on:
  • Academic excellence
  • Faith rooted in the gospel
  • Service to the poor
  • Strong relationships
  • Zeal and passion
Selecting the right private high school in Baltimore region involves researching and visiting the school. We welcome you to experience Calvert Hall in-person to learn who we are, what we do, and what we offer. Our students, faculty, and staff want to meet you during your visit to Calvert Hall through our eighth grade Cardinal for a Day program, our annual Open House each fall, or by visiting campus for an athletic or student activities event.

Parent Testimonials

My oldest son picked Calvert Hall seven years ago and we never looked back… I was so glad his brother decided to follow in his footsteps. This was one of the best decisions my sons have made. Calvert Hall has been an extension of our home. The boys spend more time at school then at home, most weeks. I could not have picked a better school to nurture their character into the fine young men they are today. The faculty and staff have truly given my sons the opportunity to be “Men of Intellect, Men of Faith, and Men of Integrity.” Our Family is “Hall In” for life!

- Shelley Commodari

After visiting the school as an eighth grader,  he was confident that Calvert Hall was the place for him. He has been challenged by rigorous instruction and coursework, but the education that he is receiving at Calvert Hall extends beyond the classroom walls. Through peer ministry, service learning opportunities and various trips, he has been provided with valuable experiences and insight on what it means to serve others. In the same way, he has been provided with opportunities to share his talents and passion for music and the arts through the campus ministry, theater and vocal music programs. We are forever grateful to Calvert Hall for the many opportunities that our son has been afforded. We are equally thankful for the amazing teachers who are not only dedicated to academics, but also the overall well being of their students.

-Scott & Cathy Ritzes

What more could I ask for my teenage sons? They’re in a place driven by people who challenge them intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. They have opportunities to lead, learn and grow. They leave home from Howard County at 6:00 in the morning and frequently don’t return until after 7:00 p.m.  They’re happy!

- Susan Dragonette

Admissions Team

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Daniel Mulford

    Mr. Daniel Mulford 

    Director of Admissions
    Robert Morris University - B.S.
    Robert Morris University - M.A.
    Calvert Hall Class of 2005
  • Photo of William Wellein

    Mr. William Wellein  II  

    Assistant Director, Admissions
    Calvert Hall Class of 2005
  • Photo of Cheryl Rinaudo

    Mrs. Cheryl Rinaudo 


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If you have any questions, please contact our admissions office by calling 410-825-4266 ext. 117. Our Director of Admissions, Dan Mulford '05, will be glad to speak with you.

Calvert Hall College High School

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Calvert Hall College, a Lasallian Catholic college preparatory school, prepares a diverse community of young men to achieve their full potential utilizing their unique talents. Through excellent academic and extracurricular programs led by innovative and dedicated educators, our students become confident men with the ethical foundation for service, independent thinking,and responsible leadership. Inspired by the faith and zeal of St. John Baptist de LaSalle, our students develop a respect for others as part of an inclusive, lifelong Calvert Hall brotherhood as Men of Intellect, Men of Faith and Men of Integrity.