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The Calvert Hall Alumni Association was established in 1906 to keep alive the brotherhood, relationships, and fellowship that developed before graduation, while supporting the mission to provide an unmatched Catholic boy’s high school education in Baltimore. 

The Cardinal, which includes alumni news, is published twice a year. Call 410-825-4251 or e- mail the Director of Communications, with any topics of interest you’d like to see included.
 If you are an alum and do not already have a username and password, please contact Doug Heidrick '89 at 410-825-4251.


Welcome to the 2020 Calvert Hall Alumni Association Election! The voting will be open until Monday April 27th, closing at 4pm. Every alumnus may submit one ballot. You can vote for up to 5 alumni. You cannot vote for the same person twice. Below you will find information on the nominees as well as a link to the survey. You may also call the Alumni Office and submit your vote over the phone. Thank you for your support and contact the Alumni Office with any questions (410-821-2345).

First Name Last Name Grd Yr
Daniel Ames 1992
Joseph Baker 2015
DeWitt Bauer 1999
Bryan Becker 1990
Luke Bengel 2013
Cal Bowman 1998
Paul Brooks 1982
Brian Caldwell 1984
Art Casserly 1966
Shawn Casserly 1974
Patrick Curran 1967
Anthony Davis 1998
Gene DiPaula 1991
Walter Dobrzycki 1978
Michael Dougherty 1976
Paul Friel 1966
Barry  Gahagan 1979
Tom Grem 1975
Nevin Hall 2012
Keith Heagey 1971
Tom Iacoboni 1978
Tom Kane 1977
Tim Lambdin 2004
Bill McFaul 1984
Alex Miller 2006
Bill Mojica 1984
Tom Murray 1971
Joe Nattans 1960
Nathan Nocket 2009
Greg Permison 1996
Curtis Reed 1978
Eric Rogers 1981
Chris Schuerholz 1991
Brady Singleton 1998
Christian Stanley 2007
Jim Stephens 2000
Larry Stevenson 1962
Tom Taylor 1989
Mark Tosti 1978
Leo Welsh 1960

Click here to learn more about each nominee.


The Red C Challenge Reception April 1, 2020

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Calvert Hall College, a Lasallian Catholic college preparatory school, prepares a diverse community of young men to achieve their full potential utilizing their unique talents. Through excellent academic and extracurricular programs led by innovative and dedicated educators, our students become confident men with the ethical foundation for service, independent thinking,and responsible leadership. Inspired by the faith and zeal of St. John Baptist de LaSalle, our students develop a respect for others as part of an inclusive, lifelong Calvert Hall brotherhood as Men of Intellect, Men of Faith and Men of Integrity.