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Great theatre drives an audience to a reaction: to yell, to think, to laugh, to cry, and even to scream. It transports the audience, and the performers, to a place far beyond the theater. The Calvert Hall Theatre Department is a vibrant and flourishing program that offers this experience to the young men of Calvert Hall, as well as to talented young ladies from local high schools. The program drives our students to take risks and learn to communicate with honesty, clarity, and passion.
Theatre students are trained in all aspects of technical theatre and design, including how to run and manage the sound and light equipment for our state-of-the-art stage and our 1300-seat theater. Each season, they produce and perform two to three full length productions.
For more information about the Calvert Hall Theatre program, please contact our theatre Director, Mrs. Kelly Kamp.
DISNEY’S Beauty and the Beast
Due to BCPS’s early dismissal, the following changes have been made to our Audition process:
Monday, January 8: Auditions cancelled and moved to same times on Wednesday, January 10.

Tuesday, January 9: Auditions as scheduled.

Wednesday, January 10: Monday auditions, same scheduled time.

Thursday, January 11: Tech Interest Meeting

Friday, January 12: Callbacks, by invitation only
If you are schedule for a Monday audition time that cannot be made on Wednesday, please go to the Audition Sign-Up and see if there are open blocks on Tuesday that work for you. If this does not work, please contact Mrs. Kamp in an email at kampk@calverthall.com and we will find a time to audition you.
Audition Process:
  • Actors will be able to sign up for an audition spot starting mid-December at Calverthall.com/theatre. Select a slot that works best for you and your schedule.
  • Complete an Audition Information Sheet (pgs. 2-3) in the Beauty and the Beast Audition Packet and identify what character(s) you will audition for by reading the character description breakdown (pg. 4).
  • Auditions will consist of a three-part process.
  1. Acting Portion – You will be asked to read from a small portion of the script from the show. Copies of these scripts will be available at the pre-audition meeting and the audition.
  2. Dance Portion – You will be asked to perform a small dance segment in a small group setting. You will be able to learn this dance segment via a video download and the pre-audition meeting in January.
  3. Vocal Portion – You will be asked to sing a small portion of a song from the musical. To begin preparing, you should begin to look at the following song selections:
Solo Audition Numbers:
  • Belle – “A Change In Me” or “Home”
  • Beast – “If I Can’t Love Her” or “How Long Must This Go On”
  • Lumiere – “Be Our Guest”
  • Mrs. Potts – “Beauty and the Beast”
  • Cogsworth – “Human Again”
  • Madame de la Grande Bouche – “Human Again”
  • Babette – “Human Again”
  • Gaston – “Me” or “The Mob Song”
  • LeFou – “Gaston”
  • Maurice – “No Matter What”
  • Monsieur D’Arque – “Maison Des Lunes"
Call Back Numbers:
  • Gaston, LeFou, Monieur D’Arque – “Maison Des Lunes”
  • Beast, Belle, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth – “Something There”
  • Belle and Maurice – “No Matter What”
  • Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Madame de la Grande Bouche, Babette – “Human Again”

Recent Alumni Theatre Updates

CHC Theatre Alumni have really taken off!!!
  • Brendan Hale '17 Wagner College
  • John Endres '17 Northwestern University
  • Darnell Davis '14 Pace University
  • Sam Becraft '14 University of Maryland
  • Alex Hultberg '12 University of Cincinnati Scene Design Major
  • Kyle Travers '13 Theatre Major at the University of Maryland
  • Alex Shade ’10 Towson University Theatre Major and Actor in Local Community Production

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