Career Day

More than 50 alumni returned to The Hall for Career Day. They spent time with the Class of 2018 discussing different career paths and sharing their professional experiences. 

Thank you to all of our alumni who volunteered their time to discuss their occupations and share advice they have been given over the years. 

Mr. David Gaudreau ‘80
Biomedical Research
Dr. Paul Watkins ‘67
Mr. Martin Blair ‘79
Mr. John Kessler ‘79
Mr. Rob Silverman ‘87
Mr. Bob Costantini ‘74
Mr. Mark Vernarelli ‘79
Computer Science
Mr. Randy Schauer ‘97
Mr. Frank Passaro ‘71
Mr. Karl Perry ‘85
Mr. Donald Barron ‘80
Mr. Michael Barron '11
Dr. Ray Krizek ‘50
Mr. Purnell Chapple ‘84
Mr. Marvin Chambers’88
Fire Department
Mr. Scott Lake ‘87
Mr. Donald Crusse ‘76
Mr. Dennis Grinestaff ‘94
Mr. CT Stanley’07
Mr. Mike Butta ‘10

Graphic Arts/Video Game Productions
Mr. Gregory Foertsch ‘91
Mr. Brian Thompson ‘08
Mr. Justin Rodriguez ‘05
Mr. Steve Morton ‘04
Mr. Kevin Carr ‘96
Mr. Anthony DiPaula ‘77
Mr. Carlos Stecco ‘83
Mr. Samuel Gompers ‘83
Law Enforcement/Police
Mr. Rich Delea ‘85
Mr. Shawn Vinson ‘89
Delegate Eric Bromwell ‘94
Mr. Gene Dipaula ‘91
Mr. Tom Randisi ‘01
Medicine/Nursing/ Physical Therapy
Dr. Raymond Wittstadt ‘70
Mr. Jake Davalli ‘90
Mr. Paul Scheel ‘08
NSA/Defense/Homeland Security
Mr. Timothy Kosiba ‘81
Dr. Richard Scheper ‘87
Mr. Wayne Murphy ‘78
Mr. Cal Bowman ‘98
Real Estate
Mr. James Stephens ‘00
Tony Amrein ‘07