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Great theatre drives an audience to a reaction: to yell, to think, to laugh, to cry, and even to scream. It transports the audience, and the performers, to a place far beyond the theater. The Calvert Hall Theatre Department is a vibrant and flourishing program that offers this experience to the young men of Calvert Hall, as well as to talented young ladies from local high schools. The program drives our students to take risks and learn to communicate with honesty, clarity, and passion.
Theatre students are trained in all aspects of technical theatre and design, including how to run and manage the sound and light equipment for our state-of-the-art stage and our 1300-seat theater. Each season, they produce and perform two to three full length productions.
For more information about the Calvert Hall Theatre program, please contact our theatre Director, Dr. Jeremy Eaton. 

All My Sons Audition Info

All MY SONS AUDITIONS! Open to all current and incoming Calvert Hall students and high school aged ladies in any private or public school.
Auditions: September 16 & 17, 3:30pm 6:00pm

: September 18, 3:30 pm

 November 15 (7pm), 16 (7pm), 17 (2pm)

Show synopsis: In August 1947, Joe Keller is visited by a neighbor Frank who is inquiring about making a horoscope for Joe’s son Larry who went missing during WWII. Joe’s wife, Kate deeply believes that Larry is alive, though the rest of the family including their other son, Chris think otherwise. Chris returns to his family home to propose to Larry’s former girlfriend, Ann Deever. Ann’s father, Steve, was Joe’s partner in their machine shop business and is now serving time in jail for sending broken parts to the war front resulting in the deaths of twenty-one pilots. Chris and Ann become engaged and the family relationships are further tried when George Deever, Ann’s brother arrives claiming that Joe should be serving his father’s sentence. Kate must face the truth of Larry’s fate and Joe must deal with the dreadful guilt of his actions.

Show Characters:
MALE (6):
  • Joe Keller: Father of Larry and Chris and husband of Kate who sent broken airplane cylinders to the war causing the death of 21 pilots and allowed his partner Steve Deever to take the blame.
  • Chris Keller: Joe’s son who wishes to marry his brother’s former girlfriend, Ann Deever. Chris is disillusioned by the world’s indifference after having served during WWII.
  • George Deever: Ann’s brother who resents the Kellers after discovering his father’s innocence.
  • Jim Bayliss: Neighbor and friend of the Kellers. Wishes to pursue medical research, but continues his job as a doctor to pay the bills.
  • Frank Lubbey: Neighbor of the Kellers; writes a horoscope telling that Larry must still be alive making it difficult for Ann and Kate.
  • Bert: Neighborhood boy who is told tall tales about “jail” by Joe.
  • Kate Keller: Joe’s wife who lives in denial of both Joe’s crime and of the death of her son Larry during the war.
  • Ann Deever: Larry’s girlfriend who has corresponded with Chris for the past two years after Larry’s disappearance.
  • Sue Bayliss: Jim’s wife; friend of the Kellers but resentful of Chris due to his influence on Jim.
  • Lydia Lubbey: Cheerful wife of Frank, former lover of George and mother of three.
Please complete and bring the Audition Show Information Sheet with you to your audition. You should come to the audition with one of the scripts. See the audition scripts below:

For directions on how to create a theatrical resume and samples, please click here.

Theatre Director

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    Jeremy Eaton 

    University of California Irvine - Ph.D.
    University of California Irvine - M.S.
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