What do peer ministers do?

A large part of what a peer does is simply listening. Peers are there for any student who needs someone to talk or walk with them on their journey. In terms of programs, peer ministers have a large role in CHC’s junior retreat program. Every peer writes and presents a “witness talk” on retreat, sharing his experiences and his faith journey. Peers also facilitate small group discussions and lead prayer. Peers also lead prayer experiences on our Freshman and Sophomore retreats as well. Peers provide examples and role models to younger students in their capacity as retreat leaders.

Why is Peer Ministry a great program?

Peer Ministry brings together a large and diverse group of guys who might otherwise never talk or deal with each other, given that they might not interact with other sports or extra-curricular groups than the ones they participate. Not only do peers talk and guide other students, but they share faith together. Peer Ministers are selected across the board in terms of extra curriculars—there is a peer from almost every social facet of CHC. Peer Ministry makes faith cool and stresses our distinct Lasallian charism throughout the student body. The goal of the program is to get students involved in, and thinking more about, their own faith. The peers are a voice for the Campus Ministry Office and recruit other students for service opportunities, liturgical ministries, and prayer experiences throughout the year.

Peer Ministry Members

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  • Seniors

    Noah    Amburgey
    Jordan     Aparece
    Chris     Asiedu
    Josh Bovee
    Pat Droney
    Chidi Ejoh
    Josh Fisher
    John Fitzsimmons
    Ben Horchar
    T.J. Leon
    Ryan Middlestadt
    J.T. Moore
    Justin Motsay
    Josh Rykiel
    Vince Strapelli
    Nate Windham
    Matt York
  • Juniors

    Connor Coyne
    Jack Dwyer
    Alex Ferrara
    Carson Glikin
    Daniel Gruebl
    John Harris
    Ryan Hiebler
    Heeter Hobbs
    Ryan Kaifer
    Chris Lavelle
    Josh Lee
    Ethan Merz
    Bryan Nicols
    Andrew Poggi
    Will Schwab
    Nick Waite
  • Sophomores

    Benjamin Dawes
    Joe Duggan
    Grady Kehl
    Luka Posavec
    Jonathan Prescott
    Brenden Trentler

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