The Calvert Hall College High School Campus Ministry Retreat program offers students the opportunity to take time out from their busy academic and social lives for prayer and reflection. On retreat, students consider issues that affect their lives as teenagers, such as peer pressure, faith, and relationships with family and friends. The design of our retreats reflects the developmental nature of the student’s spiritual journey and growth. Each year, every student is provided with a retreat opportunity as a requirement for graduation from Calvert Hall.


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  • Freshman Retreat

    In early fall, all freshmen will take part in their first retreat experience at Calvert Hall. This retreat will be an amazing opportunity for the freshmen to form community with one another and with the many student and faculty volunteers who will be helping to run the retreat.  Over the course of the two days, freshmen will bond in peer-led small groups as they explore what it means to be Lasallian, by focusing on the Lasallian themes of Faith, Service and Community.  Freshmen will participate in team-building games and competitions, reflect on how to build strong community within and beyond Calvert Hall, pray together and share their experience of faith.
  • Sophomore Retreat

    The Sophomore Retreat invites students to “Stand Together on the Margins” with the people our society tends to dismiss by engaging in a one-day service opportunity. The Sophomore Retreat challenges students to integrate faith and action in response to the Gospel’s call to help others. Students participate in service at various local placements with their religion sections, concluding the day with reflection and prayer. Service sites include Our Daily Bread, The Gallagher Center, and Herring Run Head Start.
  • Junior Retreat

    The Junior Retreat is a one-night, two-day retreat experience of faith-sharing and discussion. Entering a year of important decision-making (self-identity, friendships, finding your place, and looking into college opportunities), this retreat challenges students to explore and discern personal direction and goals for the years ahead. While participating in small group discussions and hands-on activities, this retreat presents the opportunity for personal prayer and reflection as well as active engagement with classmates, student peer ministers, and a wide variety of Calvert Hall’s faculty. All Junior Retreats are held at the Trinitarian Spiritual Center in Pikesville, Maryland.
  • Senior Retreat

    The Senior Retreat capstone experience is a two-night, three-day retreat that focuses on engaging students in the reflection of their Calvert Hall journey. Reminding students that “Everyone Has Their Own Story”, this special retreat challenges students to begin thinking about life after Calvert Hall. On Senior Retreat, students take time to reminisce and reflect on the years that have passed and to pray and prepare for the years ahead. Seniors will be joining their classmates for an unforgettable exploration of where they have been and where they are going, what excites them and what scares them, how you will say goodbye to some friends and stay connected to others. All Senior Retreats are held at the O’Dwyer Retreat Center in Sparks, Maryland.

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What Happens on Sophomore Retreat?

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