The purpose of the Conditional Acceptance Summer Session is to provide students who are coming to Calvert Hall next year with an opportunity to develop basic skills and strengthen existing abilities. These classes are also open to students who want to strengthen their skills for high school.

All classes run Monday through Friday

LANGUAGE ARTS/Reading: This course is designed to strengthen abilities in language arts by focusing on enhancing both writing and reading skills.  Students will work on reading fluency and comprehension and their ability to use different types of sentences to compose a five sentence paragraph about their reading.
FEE: $200 TIME: 8:15am-9:25am  AND  9:35am-10:45am

MATHEMATICS: This course reviews numerical and problem solving skills in preparation for the transition to high school mathematics. In addition to advanced order of operation, calculations, signed numbers, problem solving, percentage calculations, and foundations of algebra are discussed.
FEE: $200 TIME: 8:15am-9:25am  AND  9:35am-10:45am

STUDY SKILLS COURSE: This is a course that teaches students to learn more effectively. The course covers such topics as study habits and attitudes, organizational skills, note-taking and outlining, test taking, report writing, and research techniques.  The course is open to all eighth grade students (and seventh grade students with the permission of the Director of the Summer Program).
FEE: $200 TIME: 11am-12:10pm

The purpose of the Enrichment Program is to provide educational opportunities for students who wish to strengthen their skills for future studies. These classes are voluntary.  Please note that students who are taking courses for the purpose of enrichment may sign up for a Conditional Acceptance Class with the permission of the Director of the Summer Program.

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