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Summer Program

Art of Film Class

The Art of Film – Current CHC Students Only

Course Description:
Art of Film is now offered virtually for synchronous instruction during your summer break! The course teaches students to consider the merits -- both artistic and technical -- of motion pictures.  Students will critically analyze films with particular attention to the mis en scene, cinematography, editing, and narrative style.  At the course’s conclusion, students will present about movements and genres that make up the Hollywood ouvre as well as argue the quality of their favorite films. In brief, this course makes students critical consumers of movies, an art form too often engaged as mere entertainment.
Regular Office Hours will also be held to support all students.
WHEN - Tuesday, June 27 – Thursday, July 27
  • No school July 4th, makeup day Friday, July 7th
  • Classes will typically meet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

TIME - 2 hours per class (10AM-12PM)
  • Completely Virtual-Synchronous Learning (students must attend class)
  • We use Microsoft Teams, CHC Website, Netflix, and a special GoogleChrome extension to synchronize our viewing and analysis.
  • Students may take the class from anywhere, including vacation!
WHAT - We study some amazing movies!
  • You learn about music and sound integration, shot construction, sequence, lighting, color, and much more.
  • You’ll be able to successfully argue why some movies are “good” or “bad” with scholarly confidence!
  • All students earn a ½ credit grade for their transcripts, showing pursuit of interesting academic opportunities EVEN over the summer.
  • Rising Sophomores: Fulfill their Art Elective requirement, opening 3 frees in an otherwise crowded schedule.
TUITION - $400 per student
Course Requirements:
Art of Film is open to all Calvert Hall students! Upon successful completion of the class, students of all ages will earn a ½ credit grade on their transcripts. This opportunity is modeled after College/University “Summer Semesters,” giving students a chance to pursue individual academic passions outside the typical instructional year. For any student hoping to add something special to his transcript for college – and certainly all students interested in movies – this is an excellent opportunity.
For rising Sophomores, successful completion of Art of Film fulfills the CHC “Arts Elective” requirement. These students get the added benefit of greater Sophomore schedule flexibility, allowing them additional study time and freedom during a Cycle.
Enrollment is on a rolling basis, capped at the first 45 students registered.  Mr. Shank will be in touch with registered students regarding course materials, online meeting expectations, syllabi, and other relevant information as the summer approaches.
Please reach out to Mr. Shank with any questions at shankj@calverthall.com