"Coach Tran was the strength coach for my two daughters who swim competitively.  I can’t say enough good things about Coach Tran.  His acumen, enthusiasm, care, thoughtfulness, understanding, and mentorship have been a blessing for my daughters.  His athletic career is an inspiration and my daughters are inspired by his example and teaching.  One of my daughters won a state championship under his tutelage.  As much as Coach Tran demands greatness in competition, he is very intentional about relating the challenges and lessons learned in competition to real life so that his athletes will be champions in both sport and life.  If you need a strength coach with impeccable moral character who connects well with female athletes, without hesitation, I endorse Coach Tran.”  - Peggy Brooks
“Coach Tran worked with my son who is a quarterback to build his strength and enhance his quarterbacking skills. The exercise program he implemented yielded immediate positive results. Coach Tran’s deep knowledge of strength training and football coaching, coupled with the enjoyable training environment he cultivates for clients, makes him a uniquely talented coach. I highly recommend Coach Tran for any athletic performance and fitness needs!” – Kevin Heffner