Day 5 Part II Experience - Brain K.

Today offered me a chance to see the parts of Haiti that aren't publicized by the media. The lack of similarities to America is astonishing. But the redeemable qualities of Haiti has made it my favorite place that I have ever visited. We were given the opportunity to tour a farm that specializes in rice. Just 15 minutes outside the busy town of Saint Marc is the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. The nourished land which consisted of palm trees, banana trees, miles of rice plants and many other crops all backed by beautiful mountains allowed me to clearly see God in this impoverished country. I've realized that God's work isn't hard to find if you know what you're looking for. Not only have I seen it in the landscape but I've also found it in the hearts of the children. The simple minded nature from which their happiness is sprouted from has put everything in perspective for me. The joy they receive from simple things like a game of soccer or taking a picture is awe-inspiring. It has allowed me to clearly understand how grateful I am and their happiness has encouraged me to incorporate certain aspects of their simplicity into my own life.

- Brian K. '16

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