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Hall 175: The Campaign for Calvert Hall

Hall 175: Campaign Goals

The Campaign for Calvert Hall College

The Endowment:

Need-based Scholarships $11,000,000
Merit-based Scholarships $  3,500,000
Distinguished Department Chairs $  2,500,000
Endowment for Moderators & Coaches $  2,500,000

Capital Enhancements:

Knott Center & Crispino Plaza $  1,025,000
Science Lab & Training Room Facilities $     500,000
Multi-purpose Practice Fields $  1,600,000
Indoor Baseball Batting Facility $     275,000
Band Practice Room $     350,000
Veterans Tribute $     250,000

Annual Giving:

The Hall Fund/Tuition Assistance          $  4,500,000

Total:              $28,000,000

Success To Date:
  1. 100
  2. 90
  3. 80
  4. 70
  5. 60
  6. 50
  7. 40
  8. 30
  9. 20
  10. 10
  11. 0
Goal $28,000,000.00
Current $29,500,000.00
Remaining $0.00
As of Date 5/3/2024
Start Date 7/1/2019
End Date 6/30/2024

Capital Enhancements

One of our top priorities is to enhance and sustain the facilities and structures on campus to ensure that the Calvert Hall experience features state-of-the-art resources for academic, athletic, and extra-curricular pursuits. Our goal in this campaign is to commit $4.0 million to capital enhancements and additions on campus.

We will remodel the Knott Center and enhance Crispino Plaza. A new science lab will be added and training room facilities will be upgraded. Two new multipurpose practice fields will be available to the lacrosse, football, rugby, and soccer teams as well as the band – and, an indoor baseball batting facility also is planned. We are installing a Veterans Tribute on campus to honor the many Calvert Hall alumni who have distinguished themselves by their service in the military – and, all those now in active service throughout the world in one of the branches of the armed forces. The Veterans Tribute will provide a fitting way and special place on campus to remember the members of our Calvert Hall family who have protected all we hold dear.

Sound-proof Band Practice Rooms for individual lessons has been on our wish list for many years. It’s the right time to create these rooms – and, to enhance the learning and performance experience for the members of the Band.

The Role of The Hall Fund

The lifeblood of our fundraising efforts at Calvert Hall is Annual Giving. The Hall Fund, which represents a way for donors to make vitally needed unrestricted gifts, supports all aspects of the annual operating budget. In addition, restricted gifts for Tuition Assistance, scholarship funds, and specific programs provide the margin of excellence to help ensure that the Calvert Hall experience sets our students on a course into the future that will lead to great success.

At present, Annual Giving raises $675,000 annually. Our goal is to build Annual Giving to the $1.1 million level. In building toward this goal, we aim to raise a total of $4.5 million over the five years of this campaign.

This campaign will do much more than just celebrate a 175-year history. It will create the promise of a bright future for Calvert Hall College. 
Hall 175 Contacts
For more information about Calvert Hall 175, please contact Joe Baker '76, Director of Advancement at bakerj@calverthall.com or 410-825-4266 x163
For more information about major gifts and planned giving, please contact Tom Malstrom '84, Major Gifts & Planned Giving Officer, at malstromt@calverthall.com or 410-825-4266 x147
For more information about Calvert Hall's annual giving program, The Hall Fund, please contact Doug Heidrick '89, Director of Annual Giving, at heidrickd@calverthall.com or 410-825-4266 x167

For more information about the parent campaign, please contact Nichole Regulski, Donor Relations & Community Engagement Officer, at regulskin@calverthall.com or 410-825-4266 x192