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About Us

Board of Trustees

Calvert Hall College is governed by a Board of Trustees whose specific purpose is to assure that the institution continues to operate as a Catholic school in the religious traditions and statutes of the Roman Catholic Church, as particularized in the spirit, academic tradition, and vision of St. John Baptist de La Salle and as elaborated in the Sponsorship Agreement with the Brothers of the Christian Schools, District of Eastern North America. Their duties include: authorization, adoption, and approval of the annual operating and capital budgets; general oversight of gifts, bequests, trusts, and memorials; control and dissemination of all policies concerning investments; and immediate and long range plans for Calvert Hall.

Jeffrey Nattans '85

I am honored to serve as the Chair of Calvert Hall’s Board of Trustees.  Calvert Hall has been a cornerstone for me and my family throughout our lives that has led to lifelong friendships and experiences that we proudly call the Brotherhood.  For over 175 years, Calvert Hall has provided an exceptional, Lasallian Catholic education to a talented and diverse community of young men.  Our goal as Trustees is to help Calvert Hall honor its mission and continue to educate the next generation of Men of Intellect, Men of Faith, and Men of Integrity.

Board Chair & Co-Chair

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Jeffrey Nattans

    Jeffrey "Jeff" Nattans 85

    Private Investor - Board Chair
  • Photo of Stephen Marshall

    Stephen Marshall 82

    Partner - Venable LLP - Board Vice-Chair

Board of Trustees

List of 18 members.

  • Photo of Christine Aspell

    Christine Aspell 

    Managing & Audit Partner - KPMG, LLP - Baltimore Office
  • Photo of Br. Mark Brown, FSC

    Br. Mark Brown, FSC 86

    Lasallian Youth Moderator/Vocation Coordinator - La Salle College High School
  • Photo of Br. Frank Byrne, FSC

    Br. Frank Byrne, FSC 

    Auxiliary Visitor - The Brothers of the Christian Schools, DENA
  • Photo of Dr. Marc Camille

    Dr. Marc Camille 

    President - Albertus Magnus College
  • Photo of Jessica Hiebler

    Jessica Hiebler 

    Corporate Controller - T. Rowe Price
  • Photo of Br. John Kane, FSC

    Br. John Kane, FSC 

    La Salle University - B.A. & M.A.
    St. Joseph's University - Ed.D.
  • Photo of William Karpovich

    William "Bill" Karpovich 87

    Founder & CEO - CoFactor Ventures
  • Photo of John Kessler

    John Kessler 79

    Owner - JKA Business Advisors, LLC
  • Photo of Kevin Klages

    Kevin Klages 82

    Sr. VP - Mass Markets - Constellation Energy
  • Photo of Jeffrey Mancabelli

    Jeffrey Mancabelli 

    President - St. John's College High School
  • Photo of John Noppinger

    John "Jack" Noppinger 64

    Construction & Industrial Sales and Management - Retired
  • Photo of Matthew Oakey

    Matthew "Matt" Oakey 83

    Partner - Gallagher, Evelius, & Jones, LLP
  • Photo of Anthony Rosso

    Anthony Rosso 85

    Partner - Venable LLP
  • Photo of Robert Silverman

    Robert "Rob" Silverman 87

    Executive Vice President - Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Photo of Benjamin Ventresca

    Benjamin Ventresca 

    DENA Representative
  • Photo of Shawn Vinson

    Shawn Vinson 89

    Legal Advisor - Baltimore County Police Department
  • Photo of William Whitty

    William "Bill" Whitty 69

    Sr. VP/Principal
  • Photo of Troy Williams

    Troy Williams 88

    Chief Equity Officer - City of Arlington, Texas

Service Members

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Charles Stembler

    Charles "Chuck" Stembler 83

    Loyola University - B.A.
    Loyola University - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Joseph Baker

    Joseph Baker 76

    Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Advancement
    Loyola University - B.A.
    Loyola University - M. Ed.
  • Photo of Jean Gould

    Jean Gould 

    Chief Financial Officer
    Towson University - B.A.
  • Photo of Thomas Fan

    Thomas Fan 

    Assistant Principal - Academic Affairs
    Loyola University - B.S.
    Loyola University - M.Ed.