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Our rich curriculum is a mix of core, elective, honors, and advanced placement classes that teach each student to think independently, logically, and creatively.
Our students benefit from our small class size, approximately 18 students per class. These classes are taught by caring, knowledgeable, professional individuals who help their students develop the skills needed to succeed in our increasingly interdependent, technology-based world, while developing the virtues needed to become Men of Intellect, Men of Faith, and Men of Integrity.

Signature Programs at Calvert Hall

Calvert Hall's Approach to Academics

Our team teaching approach is integrated into a number of our lecture-seminar format courses, similar to the university lecture system. Our master teachers have more opportunities to lecture, and our students are able to experience large and small group instructional settings.

Typically, students meet in a lecture setting once per cycle, with the remaining class meetings held in a seminar with their individual instructors. This allows students to experience a variety of faculty and guest lecturers and develop vital note-taking skills. The seminars, coordinated to build on lecture presentations, are interactive and student-centered, and all lecture halls feature integrated multimedia presentation capabilities.

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  • Accreditation

    Calvert Hall is accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education, the Middle States Association of Secondary Schools, and the Association of Independent Maryland and DC Schools. We are also affiliated with the Christian Brothers Conference and the Archdiocese of Baltimore and have been twice named an “Exemplary School” by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • BYOD Device Requirements

    Calvert Hall BYOD Requirements Laptops or Tablets must fulfill these requirements:
    • Run a modern, supported Operating System such as Windows 10 or 11, MAC OS, IOS, etc. 
    • Run a modern, fully featured web browser 
    • Run productivity suite and note taking software**
    • Be Wi-Fi enabled
    • Functioning Webcam/Microphone/Speakers/Headphones
    • Have battery life to last through the school day 
    • Power up in less than 90 seconds  

    Tablet Specific Requirements 
    • Screen size must be 7” or larger
    • Cell phones are NOT considered tablets
    • Physical keyboard to facilitate typing 
    General Recommendations 
    • Device should have a protective case 
    • Purchasing a second charger would allow one to be kept at school and one at home
    • Chromebooks do not run the full Microsoft Office Suite, so they are not recommended 
    • **All CHC students are provided the full Microsoft 365 Office Suite free of charge, no need to purchase.
  • Grading Scale

    Numerical Range
    Letter Grade
    Grade Point Average
    69 and below
  • Graduation Requirements

    English: 4 Units
    Social Studies*: 4 Units
    Laboratory Science: 3 Units
    Mathematics: 3 Units
    Foreign Language: 2 Units
    Religion: 4 Units
    Computer Apps.: 1/2 Unit
    Physical Ed./Health: 1 Unit
    Fine Arts: 1/2 Unit
    Electives: 4 Units

    * Students who take Fine Arts in ninth grade need only 3 Units in Social Studies.
  • The AP Classes We Offer Are...

    We are one of Baltimore’s leading providers of AP classes, with AP classes in the following 29 subject areas:

    • Biology
    • Calculus (AB, BC, BC2)
    • Chemistry
    • Comparative Government & Politics
    • Computer Programming
    • Economics (Macro & Micro)
    • English Language & Composition
    • English Literature
    • Environmental Science
    • European History
    • French Language
    • German Language
    • Human Geography 
    • Latin Language & Literature
    • Music Theory
    • Physics I, II
    • Psychology
    • Spanish Language & Literature
    • Statistics
    • Studio Art - Drawing
    • United States Government & Politics
    • United States History
    • World History


As a college preparatory school, we have a uniquely designed, rigorous program that fosters in each student an active pursuit of academic excellence and intellectual development. Our aim is to provide an intellectually-stimulating and formational program that prepares students for higher education and for a life that is truly satisfying.

Questions about our academic programs should be directed to Tom Fan, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs by calling 410-825-4266.

Benefits of Team Teaching

The educational benefits of team teaching are a core principle of The Hall’s academic program, providing students with a collaboratively created and evaluated curriculum, uniform course pacing, and a consistent approach to assessment. Course and department teams meet weekly to evaluate student progress and make instructional decisions.

The team philosophy extends beyond direct classroom instruction, to our faculty and guidance counselors, who work together to create individualized plans for students’ academic support and enrichment.

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  • Courses

    Students enroll in college prep, honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) variety of electives are available to upperclassmen in all subject areas. Our goal is to give as many students as possible the opportunity to take AP courses and receive college credit.  In 2023, 395 students took 903 tests and 82% achieved a score of 3 or higher.
  • Faculty

    Our dedicated faculty, 105 strong, consists of Christian Brothers, laymen, laywomen. They average over 12 years of teaching experience, and 71 percent have an advanced degree in their subject matter.
  • Resources

    There are a wide variety of resources available before, during and after school
    help drive a student’s academic and personal growth, including:
    • Individual instruction
    • School Counseling Center 
    • Academic Resource Center 
    • Math Resource Center 
    • George Young Library
    • Technology Resource Center
    • Computer labs – writing, language, and programming labs technology 
    • Technology resources
    • Public wireless access
    • TV studio  (Level 2 editing/production)
    • Audio/video conferencing
    • Virtual campus (online learning)
    • Intranet (library resources)
    • 350+ computers on campus
  • Schedule

    Students follow a cascading six-day schedule, with individual learning opportunities built into each schedule. Our current student base of 1,175 students has more than 1,000 individualized schedules.