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Calvert Hall’s House System helps students build even closer relationships and experience the powerful brotherhood of CHC. Every student is assigned to one of our 10 Houses, placing students into smaller brotherhoods to increase opportunities for student leadership and upperclassman mentoring. Students remain in the same House for their four years and each House is comprised of Freshmen through Seniors along with faculty and staff. Throughout the year, Houses compete in a variety of contests and competitions to encourage zeal and brotherhood. 
Senior and Junior House Captains as well as Faculty Heads from each House form the zealous House leadership that serve their peers throughout the year. The benefits of Calvert Hall’s House System are boundless!

Calvert Hall House System

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The Calvert Hall House System is made up of 10 Houses. Each House name is in honor and recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to The Hall.

At Calvert Hall, we are 10 Houses, 1 Brotherhood!