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Hall 175: The Campaign for Calvert Hall

Hall 175: About

The Hall 175 Campaign encourages our alumni, families, and friends – as well as foundations and corporate sponsors – to focus on securing the future of Calvert Hall College.

Since 1845, Calvert Hall has established a reputation for excellence in education. Proud of our ability to anticipate our students' needs in an ever-changing world, we look to build the resources required to advance our mission going forward. The imperative is to take strategic steps to ensure we remain one of the leading Catholic college prep schools in the country. What this means is that the chief objective of our $28M campaign is sustainability.

One of the principal findings in our recently completed strategic plan is that our capacity to advance our mission and vision depends on growing our endowment. It currently stands at $21.5M. The endowment’s earnings help support important programs and initiatives. The donors who have helped build the endowment to its present level have blessed Calvert Hall by their generosity.

Our goal for this campaign is to build the endowment from $12M (FY17) to $31.5M.

A bold goal? Yes.

But we believe this objective is reasonable and within our capacity to achieve. Many of our neighboring independent schools have endowments much larger than the level we wish to reach in this campaign. Growing the endowment will help us maintain a vitally important competitive edge among schools in the region.

Read The Case Statement (5 minute read)

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Hall 175 Contacts
For more information about Calvert Hall 175, please contact Joe Baker '76, Director of Advancement at bakerj@calverthall.com or 410-825-4266 x163
For more information about major gifts and planned giving, please contact Tom Malstrom '84, Major Gifts & Planned Giving Officer, at malstromt@calverthall.com or 410-825-4266 x147
For more information about Calvert Hall's annual giving program, The Hall Fund, please contact Doug Heidrick '89, Director of Annual Giving, at heidrickd@calverthall.com or 410-825-4266 x167

For more information about the parent campaign, please contact Nichole Regulski, Donor Relations & Community Engagement Officer, at regulskin@calverthall.com or 410-825-4266 x192