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Hall 175: The Campaign for Calvert Hall

Discipline; Creativity; Brotherhood; Faith. These characteristics are deeply embedded in the social and educational fabric of Calvert Hall College High School, and they have served our faculty and students well since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in early March, 2020. As Chairs of “Hall 175: The Campaign for Calvert Hall”, we have witnessed these characteristics shine brightly over the past 10 weeks.
Our school leadership and faculty have displayed discipline and decisiveness, preparing and successfully implementing a comprehensive short-term contingency plan. Simultaneously, they have modeled medium and long-term contingency plans so that our beloved Calvert Hall is best positioned to successfully weather the multi-dimensional challenges posed by this pandemic.
Our faculty, students and parents have displayed incredible resourcefulness. Terrific teamwork allowed for the swift implementation of a virtual educational platform for 1170 Hallmen, proving that the 350-year Lasallian tradition of educational innovation and creativity is alive and well.    
Our students, led by the Senior Class of 2020, intentionally focused on maintaining and deepening the rich Brotherhood that will bind them together for a lifetime. Despite the need for social distancing, they have stayed connected in a variety of ways, including the “My175 Challenge”, “Calvert Hall at Home”, and other virtual events. Years from now our seniors will look back on the unique circumstances of their final months as Hallman with great pride. They are truly pioneers heading into a forever changed world.
Finally, an unwavering faith in God has made all of the difference. The presence of our Lord in the life of Calvert Hall provides great strength and unwavering hope for a bright future over the next 175 years.
Please recognize that Calvert Hall’s strength also emanates from you. The investment that you have made in the quiet phase of our capital campaign has provided tremendous inspiration to us. Below this letter you will find a list of all of those who have engaged in the early phase of the “Calvert Hall 175 Campaign”. Your contributions have established or enhanced scholarships, helped grow The Hall fund, supported a tribute to our Veterans, improved our music center, expanded our STEM resources, and brought to life new, state-of-the-art turf fields. We are incredibly grateful for your generosity. Our success would not be possible without your commitment.
Calvert Hall’s faith-based educational platform is built on the firm foundation of the charism of the Christian Brothers. The “Hall 175: Campaign for Calvert Hall” is built on the firm foundation of your leadership gifts. You have made a powerful statement about your belief in our mission of developing and educating Men of Intellect, Men of Faith and Men of Integrity. We are committed to building on this foundation with additional financial support as we move forward with renewed vigor!
Calvert Hall has a very bright future because she is served by a remarkable combination of students, faculty, school leaders, alumni, benefactors and Christian Brothers who share the characteristics of discipline, creativity, Brotherhood and faith. We thank them and we thank you for all that you do.
Live Jesus in our hearts…forever!

Tom B. Smyth '77      Jeff Nattans '85     Frank Bramble '66
Hall 175 Campaign Chairs
Frank Bramble, Sr. '66
Campaign Co-Chair
Jeffrey Nattans '85
Campaign Co-Chair
Chair, Board of Trustees
Thomas Smyth, M.D. '77
Campaign Co-Chair