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Hall Night Long

What is a Hall Night Long?


Link will be live at 7AM on Monday, January 30th, 2023.

You get to hang out with your friends, meet new friends from different schools, cheer on the Cardinals to victory, participate in give-a-ways, and enjoy the best high school dance around! 

February 17, 2023 - Varsity Basketball vs. Boys' Latin
with dance to follow in the Dining Hall!

Only Calvert Hall boys may attend, while any high school girl from any public or private school may also attend. Registration is required.

Please see the FAQ's on the right side of this page for more information!

Click HERE to view an info flyer!


Link will be live at 7AM on Monday, January 30th, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a Hall Night Long work?
  • Once you purchase your ticket online, be sure you received a confirmation email confirming your ticket. Once you have purchased your ticket you will be on the list at the door. You should arrive to CHC between 6:30PM and 8:15PM to the HNL Student Entrance. You will be given a wristband and enter the game. You can sit anywhere with your friends to watch the game. When the game ends, all HNL students will move into the dining hall for the game. There will be a coat check for items and food sold in the dance and at the game. The dance will end at 11PM.
Is my ticket transferrable?
  • No, sorry! Only the person whose name was entered at the time the ticket was purchased may attend.
Will you refund me if I cannot attend?
  • Refunds will not be issued once a ticket is purchased. If you do not attend, you will loose your $15.
Do I need a school ID?
  • Yes. If your school has not given you an ID yet, please bring a copy of your school schedule or something that would identify you.
When and Where do I go when I arrive?
  • You must arrive between 6:30PM and 8:15PM. You should enter the gym at the "Hall Night Long Student Entrance" which is on the side of the gym nearest the practice fields.
I'm in 8th grade, can I attend?
  • Sorry, but no. Only CHC boys and girls in high school from any public or private school may attend. Homeschool girls are also able to attend, but you must be in 9th-12th grade.
What if I can't be there by 8:15PM?
  • Sorry, but please do not purchase a ticket. Only students who arrive by 8:15PM may attend the game/dance.
What if I just want to go to the dance?
  • Sorry, but to attend the dance, you must also attend the game. We want students to attend the game and dance to be social! This isn't just a dance!
Do I dress for a game or a dance?
  • There will be a coat check when you come into the dance. So, dress for the game. We will have a room for you to leave your coat and/or bag once the dance starts. So, if you want to bring a change of cloths for the dance, you can do that. You must carry your bag at the game until you enter the dance.
Will there be food?
  • Yes. Food is sold at the game at a concession stand in the gym. There will be drinks, food, and snacks in the dance for purchase by our parents club.
Who will chaperone this event? Can parents chaperone?
  • Calvert Hall faculty/staff will chaperone the event. Sorry, but parents cannot chaperone.
You didn't answer one of my questions?
  • Reach out to Mrs. Dagostin in the Student Activities Office at 410-825-4266 ext 185 or via email at dagostinj@calverthall.com!