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Brother Tom Miller Honors Program

The Brother Thomas Miller Honors Program was established to honor and recognize the accomplishments and achievements of superior academic performance and to provide unique opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. 

Luke Glagola '19

One thing I found interesting about the Brother Tom program was the access and focus it had on mentorships. The dinner speaker series, in particular, introduced me to people who have gone through some amazing experiences. As a result, I have met the former mayor of Baltimore, a Ted Talk Fellow, alums who has created their own apps and local newscasters. 

Benefits to becoming a Brother Tom Miller Honors Student

Honors students enjoy the following benefits from participation in the program:

  • Priority access to Honors Classes and Advanced Placement Classes to create an individualized course schedule for each student
  • Access to all program events, field trips, guest speakers, and leadership opportunities
  • One to one support and guidance from Honors Program Personnel
  • Individualized college support by both counseling and Honors Program Personnel
  • Participation in a community of like-minded students and learners
  • Designation and recognition on their High School Transcripts and at graduation as a Brother Tom Miller Scholar


To achieve the program's objectives, scholars are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a course schedule of a minimum of three Honors/Advanced Placement Courses each academic year
  • Maintain an 85 average with no grade below an 81
  • Participate in at least one program event and one program service activity each semester
There are numerous highlights within the Brother Tom Miller Honors Program. Here are a few:

  • Dinner Speaker Series
  • Field Trips to Cultural Events
  • Young Alumni Roundtable
  • Outward Bound Leadership Training
  • Ted Talk Style Student Presentations
  • Sr. Team Service Projects

Brother Tom Miller Honors Scholars Faculty

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    Nicole Creamer 

    Gettysburg College - B.S.
    The Catholic University of America - M.A.
    The Catholic University of America - M.Ph.