The philosophy of Athletics at Calvert Hall College is such that Athletics is considered an integral part of the school’s program of education which provides experiences that will help students physically, mentally, and emotionally. The element of competition and winning, though it exists, is controlled to the point that it does not determine the nature of the program and is kept on the “Readiness” level of secondary youth. This is considered to be educationally and psychologically sound because of the training it offers in a competitive society. Students are stimulated to win and excel, but the principles of good sportsmanship prevail at all times to enhance the educational values of contest.

Calvert Hall College believes that participation in athletics, both as a player and as a student spectator, is an integral part of the student’s educational experiences. Such participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, to the team, to the student body, to the community, to his family, and to the student himself. In his play and in his conduct, he is representing all of these groups. Such experiences contribute to the knowledge, skill, and emotional patterns that he possesses, thereby making him a better person and citizen.


Calvert Hall College High School

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Calvert Hall College High School is a private Catholic college preparatory high school for boys, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Our mission is to foster Men of intellect, Men of faith, and Men of integrity in the Lasallian tradition.