School and Community Conduct and Citizenship (CHC)

Every student is expected to represent himself positively in classes and school activities. Athletes bear additional responsibility because they not only represent themselves, but also their family, team and their school. No athlete, no matter how important to a team, will be exempt from school rules.

Also, when competing in, traveling to and from, or watching contests Calvert Hall College is being judged by your behavior. If you win - be gracious, shake hands and congratulate the opponent for a job well done. If you lose shake hands and congratulate your opponent. Treat your opponents, as you would want to be treated if the scores were reversed. Temper tantrums and poor sportsmanship are signs of emotional immaturity. Throwing objects, kicking equipment, etc. does not change the score, it only shows your immaturity.

As a spectator, you should have an appreciation of what it takes to be an athlete. Always demonstrate good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship is cheering for your team, not booing or embarrassing the other team.

Finally, in the community you are judged both as an individual and as a representative of Calvert Hall College High School. Embarrassing, immature, or illegal actions by you reflect upon your team and school. Additionally, any problems created within the community may result in your suspension from the team.


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