Training: Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco (CHC)

The use or possession of drugs or alcoholic beverages is absolutely forbidden on or off the campus.
1. The Athletic Department strongly agrees and endorses Maryland State Law and school policies with regard to alcohol and drug use or possession.
A) Student athletes who violate the school rules with regard to drinking and/or drugs at school sponsored events either home or away, in addition to any school penalty, will be immediately dismissed from the team with forfeiture of all rights and privileges.
B) Student athletes who participate in drinking and/or drug use at off campus non-school related events in or out of season will be dealt with severely. The normal punishment would be immediate dismissal from the team.
C) Student athletes who violate the Athletic Department’s rules in regard to drinking and/or drugs on over-night team trips will, in addition to facing the individual penalties outlined in A) above, risk all future over-night travel for that particular program.
2. Smoking or chewing tobacco, because of the demonstrated negative effects on health, are prohibited by athletes who are either in pre-season training or in season. When violations occur, the first offense would incur suspension for the next game; the second offense could cause dismissal from the team. The use of these products is strongly discouraged in the off-season.
3. Policies regarding late hours and social affairs are left to the discretion of the individual coaches in consultation with the Athletic Director. When such policies are made, they will be in print and distributed to the players and their parents.

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