Calvert Hall Career Day

More than 50 alumni returned to The Hall for Career Day. They spent time with the Class of 2020 discussing different career paths and sharing their professional experiences. Brian Kroneberger '85, managing director-financial advisor at RBC Wealth Management and radio show host on WBAL Radio for the Brian Kroneberger Financial Hour, served as this year's keynote speaker. 
Thank you to all of our alumni who volunteered their time to discuss their occupations and share advice they have been given over the years. 

Mr. Matthew Dragonette '12
Mr. Chritopher Scholtes '87

Actuary Science/Insurance
Mr. Jesse Cunningham '07
Mr. Nicholas Verderamo '08

Mr. David Gaudreau ‘80
Mr. Pat Welsh '87
Biomedical Research
Dr. Paul Watkins ‘67
Mr. Michael Monius '91
Mr. Robert Kambic '99
Mr. Martin Blair ‘79
Mr. John Kessler '79

College Athletic Coaching 
Mr. Jon Torpey '96
Mr. Lee Lipinski '12
Mr. Pete Caringi '10
Mr. Bob Costantini ‘74
Mr. Mark Vernarelli ‘79
Mr. Mike Amatucci '15
Computer Science
Mr. Douglas Blair '92
Mr. Randy Schauer '92
Mr. Joe Baker '76
Mr. Karl Perry ‘85
Mr. Donald Barron ‘80
Mr. Paul Lashier '05
Mr. Trevor Fidler '14
Mr. Purnell Chapple ‘84
Mr. Marvin Chambers ’88
Fire Department
Mr. Scott Lake ‘87
Finance/ Actuary Science
Mr. Todd Binder '90
Mr. CT Stanley ’07
Mr. Brett Dipasquale '05

Graphic Arts/Video Game Productions
Mr. Gregory Foertsch ‘91
Mr. Justin Rodriguez ‘05
Mr. Steve Morton ‘04
Mr. Kevin Carr ‘96
Mr. Anthony DiPaula ‘77
Mr. Carlos Stecco ‘83
Mr. Samuel Gompers ‘83
Mr. Albert Peisinger, Jr. '89
Law Enforcement/Police
Mr. Rich Delea ‘85
Mr. Shawn Vinson ‘89
Mr. Dominic Bridges '05
Mr. Gene Dipaula ‘91
Mr. Tom Randisi ‘01
Medicine/Nursing/ Physical Therapy/Athletic Training
Dr. Raymond Wittstadt ‘70
Mr. Jake Davalli ‘90
Mr. Greg Penczek '92
Mr. Joe Benge '95
Cyber Security/DoD/Secret Service/FBI
Dr. Richard Scheper ‘87
Mr. John Mooney '12
Mr. Michael Waldt '97
Mr. Cal Bowman '98
Real Estate
Mr. James Stephens ‘00
Mr. Ryan Brandell '07
Mr. Alexander Cruz '08

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