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Newest Members of the CHC Community

Calvert Hall is excited to welcome fifteen new faculty and staff into the Cardinal Community. 
Theodora Van Gaal                                               Religion
Amy Buttarazzi                                                      Religion
Nicole Creamer                                                     Religion
Jasmine Crandol                                                   Counseling
Elizabeth Green                                                    College Counseling
Javier Castro                                                          Foreign Language
Tom Lynn                                                                Mathematics
Giulia Carbine                                                       Campus Ministry
Gary Neal ’02                                                        Social Studies / Varsity Basketball Coach
Aidan Flannery ’15                                               Social Studies 
Elizabeth Moore                                                   Academic Support
Suzannah Banister                                               La Salle Program/Speech Pathologist Learning Specialist
Bethany Fitzsimmons                                          Counseling
Zachary Ufnar                                                       Counseling
Steve DeGross '85                                                Dining Hall Attendant