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February Feature - Dino Luzzi '83

Hello fellow Cardinal alumni. My name is Dino Luzzi, Class of 1983. How can it be that I graduated 40 years ago from Calvert Hall? My association with the school started years before, as I was introduced to CHC every Thanksgiving Day since I was 5 years old by my father taking me to "The Game.“
I was a freshman in 1979, when I met my best friends, who still are to this day. I was manager for the soccer team for four years with Mr. Bill Karpovich's squad. Between Mr. Karp, Mr. Miceli, the Christian Brothers, and other teachers, I was prepared for the future. Attending Calvert Hall is more than schoolwork because of the ability to join clubs and athletic teams. I became part of a brotherhood that lives inside me today. 
I went on to graduate from Towson State University. During college, I worked at JT McKinley’s Bar in Towson as a bartender and eventually a DJ for the bar. Other places I Dj’d were Charles Village Pub, McKinley's Calvert Street, Schaefers Towson, Souris, Padonia Station, and The Leonardi brothers’ restaurant, Firenze (Larry ’82 & Brian ’83). DJ Mike Beatty “Batman,” and DJ Victor T ‘82 were great mentors. 
After graduating from TSU, I went to work for my parents and the family business, Town and Country Travel in Towson, Maryland. My father Dino Sr opened the office in 1969 and I have been operating the business since my father passed away in 2002 and my mother passed away in 2007. Our family agency reserves travel for vacation travel and business travel. I am proud to say we help with team travel of Loyola University, Harrisburg Heat Soccer, Towson University Dance Team, and Calvert Hall athletics.

I am thankful for all the Calvert Hall alumni who have reserved travel with me.
Calvert Hall past, present and future will always be a part of my life.