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Phil Bressler Named Teacher of the Year

Phil Bressler has been named the 2024 Archdiocesan Independent High School Teacher of the Year. Bressler teaches five sections of AP Economics (Micro and Macro). Additionally, he serves as the faculty chair for the school's strategic plan and is a member of Calvert Hall's AIMS and DEI steering committees. He serves as the co-chair of the faculty professional development committee and is a mentor teacher for faculty development. 
The Archdiocese surprised Bressler with the honor on May 9, 2024 while he was teaching. The Calvert Hall faculty and staff were able to help celebrate Bressler’s recognition while watching the occasion on YouTube Live (@calverthallcollege). Bressler shared, “It is a blessing and a privilege to be a part of the Calvert Hall community. I feel incredibly honored to have been recognized by the Archdiocese of Baltimore and even more so to work alongside (Calvert Hall’s faculty and staff) on a daily basis. The effort, dedication, and care embodied by the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, and staff are truly inspiring.”

Principal Charles Stembler added, “Phil is one of the most passionate educators I have met. He is invested in his student’s success. When I ask students of teachers who have had the most impact on their educational career, Phil is always at the top of the list.”

The Archdiocese honors three teachers each year with this distinction – Archdiocesan High School, Archdiocesan Independent School, and Archdiocesan Elementary/Middle School.