Day 1 - Haiti Experience by Andy C.

Hi mom, dad, Danny, and anyone reading,

Haiti is interesting. When I first arrived at Haiti. I didn't feel like I was in a different country. Then I got out of the airport. As soon as I left, it felt as though I was on a completely different planet! The signs were all in different writing, the streets were busier if not as busy as New York. When we arrived at the school, I thought, "this isn't a school because schools don't have metal gates or wire on top of the walls," but they were for safety measures.

Finally, we got to our rooms and settled in. Afterwards, we had a reflection about what we saw. I think we spent nearly an hour talking about what we had experienced so far. We then discussed what the plan was for the days coming. We were able to have some downtime and found a guitar. We were singing all night (mainly because we aren't allowed to have our phones), but it was really fun because a lot of us are very musically inclined and cand sing really well.

The next morning, I woke up thinking I was at my house but soon that thought faded when I heard a rooster crow. We got up, changed, and walked to mass at 6:00 a.m.! After mass, we walked back and changed ready to do what we signed up for, to help in the community. Today was a big struggle because of the language barrier between us, but they seemed to catch on quick. Our primary goal was to teach the class the alphabet. Most of the class learned it very quickly! We had to improvise our teaching plan a bit. After lunch we went on an excursion to a local high school where the kids from our school are able to attend if they pass an entry test. It was nicer than I thought it would be. Just being in Haiti makes me realize that I am very fortunate and I can't wait for tomorrow to see what it may bring.
PSA from Jake C. : I've been taking my medicine and I have been putting on sunscreen.
Stay tuned for more later from Brian K. '17, Jake C. '17, and Tom G. '17.

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