Day 2 - Haiti Experience by Tom G.

Haiti is not like the commercials on television, and the people aren't dragging their feet around looking forlorn all day. The people here are living their everyday life happily. The poverty is as bad as I imagined, but the people are different than what I had thought. They are friendly and constantly busy. The children here aren't always dirty and sad, they are well dressed and motivated to learn. They immediately open up to you and cling to your side as if they have known you for a lifetime. The instant trust they had with me was a new experience and their loving behavior is unlike any child I have met before. The vocal communication is difficult, but they can say my name easily and do not hesitate to shout it repeatedly. They mostly have four worded names and they seem to find my first name to be funny because it only consists of three words. Ferdinand, a 3rd grader at camp, jumped into my arms within the first ten minutes of our time together. She ran her fingers through my hair, playfully grabbed my ears and nose, and laughed at all my silly facial expressions. At the end of today, she came to me and gave me her arts and craft as a gift. We hugged and she ran back to her group of friends. Today was exhausting, yet I feel fulfilled and spiritually energized to continue making each moment count for these children. I cannot imagine spending my spring break any other way, and being here will be a memory I will never forget.

-Tom G. '17

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