Day 6 - Miami Experience

My name is Dylan and I am happy to have served on this Immersion Trip to Homestead, Florida for a week.  In Homestead, Florida, we served at the De La Salle Education Center (“The Centro”).  At the Centro in the morning we helped out the other volunteers in painting, cleaning, and reorganizing the buildings to make the place much more beautiful.  In the afternoon we tutored all of the children at the Centro and also played with them too.  We introduced many new games to the kids including lacrosse, red light green light, and blob tag.  These were all ideas we had prepared to share with the kids before we arrived too.  We had a blast with the kids whether it was tutoring, playing, or just enjoying their company overall. 
Today was our final day of service at the Centro and I think the group ended on a good note.  Right after breakfast we did a small reflection on this past week and we did an evaluation on the other members that helped out at the Centro.  Today we also finished up our painting of the “Cardinal” in one of the rooms and it looked great.  We did this so we could leave our mark on Centro and so they would never forget us.  We ended the morning by hanging up new nets in the basketball courts. 
In the afternoon we treated the kids to a movie and we all saw the movie, Zootopia, at the local cinema.  The kids all enjoyed the movie, including myself, and I am glad we were able to treat the kids to a movie on our last day of service in Homestead.  We finished up the night with playing a little bit of basketball as a group and some downtime to relax.
Overall I greatly enjoyed my time here at the Centro and I have made many new friends here who were the other volunteers.  I am sad to say that this was our last day at the Centro in Homestead.  It warms my heart to know that I made an impact on the people at the Centro.   I loved the experience at the Centro and I look forward to my next opportunities for service.      
Dylan Long ‘18

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