Guidelines for School Sponsored Student Travel: (CHC)

1. The students in transit to and from events are considered to be representatives of the school.
2. Students are representing the school during events.
3. In regard to trips involving distance and/or overnight lodging; students are representatives of the school at all functions contingent to the trip: meals, motels, dorms, touring, etc.
4. Since the school is acting as supervisory personnel in regard to student behavior, and since the group will be known as Calvert Hall College while in restaurants and motels, etc., appropriate conduct of students is to be expected at all times. This includes abstinence from alcoholic beverages regardless of age limits which may be lower in other states. This statement should be applied even in the event that individual’s parents may be in attendance. This should avoid any complications, double standards and is important for the reputation of the school.
5. Since students are attending school sponsored functions the normal disciplinary procedures associated with such situations and behavior will be carried out.