Parent Responsibility

As a parent of a Calvert Hall College High School Athlete, you have several responsibilities. First, you must help to endorse the school’s rules and regulations by checking on your child’s grades, behavior, and attendance periodically. Do not expect or ask the school to make exceptions to the school or athletic department rules and regulations.

Second, you are expected to represent our school in a positive manner. Rude, arrogant, immature or disrespectful behavior as a spectator is a poor reflection upon you, the child’s team, and the school. As adults, we must set good examples of sportsmanship for our children. Good sportsmanship is cheering for your team, not booing or degrading the other team. If you can not keep your emotions under control, please stay home rather than embarrass yourself, your son, and the school.

Finally, you have the responsibility to support your child’s coaches and team. Negative comments about a coach, or team members can only undermine the positive aspects of athletic participation. While winning is more pleasant than losing, being a gracious loser is also a part of life, which you should be willing to accept.

If you, as a parent, work with the school to achieve these objectives, your children will develop into better adults, which is our ultimate goal.