January 20th, 2017: Day Zero

Travel Day Blogs Updated...
11PM EST (9PM MST): Our Travels

My Friday began busy with exams. However, all I could think about was our trip to Montana. Hard to say if the excitment affected my AP Human Geography exam-- I was estatic about Montana. I was still excited as we arrived to BWI airport. Being with all my friends made even the long flights enjoyable. We reminisced on good times and old memories. From Baltimore, we went to Denver, then rushed to our connecting flight to Great Falls, Montana. Our second plane was tiny and the Great Falls airport was just as small. This really made me realize how big Baltimore is. From there we loaded into our rental car and van and took a very tired van ride to the reservation. ~Jack

3AM EST (1AM MST): Arrival 

Upon arrival to Montana, we rented a suburban and a massive van. From the airport, we drove to the grocery store with designated music leaders in each of the vehicles. Cole, Jack and I went into the grocery store with Mr. Parisi and Mr. Bobak while the others remained in the cars to relax. Aparently Mr. Parisi has rules about taking more than 3 CHC students into a grocery store at any one time? After filling three grocery carts we went on our way to the bunk house. About an hour into the drive, Mr. Parisi pulled over becasue he noticed an elevated spot on the deserted highway where he thought we could do some star gazing. We all got out of the vehicles and once we looked up, our jaws dropped in amazement. All you could see were stars from horizion to horizion. There was no moon or any lights from surroudning cities. The only thing that lit up the sky were the stars. You could see the milky way and there were so many more stars than even the clearest of nights back in Baltimoe. After the short stop, we were back on our way to the bunk house. Upon arrival, we gathered all groceries and luggage into the house. We were happily greeted by two little dogs, Jack and Jill, who live on the Holy Family Mission and often meet the CHC groups. We settled ourselves in and made it ourselves at home. After a quick organizational gathering, we  We are all looking forward to this week and to the memorable times and adventures these several days will bring us. ~Ben