January 19th, 2018: Travel Day

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What a Day
            To say yesterday was hectic is an understatement. After a long night of packing and studying for exams, I was already tired. Two exams were a lot already, but I knew that this was only the start of our day. We had some time to get our stuff together before we headed out to BWI on one of the many Calvert Hall Mini buses, but it was an almost instant turnaround from exams to leaving for Montana. The trip to BWI with Brother Len at the helm of the bus was quicker than I would have imagined. We got all of our stuff in without any trouble (including my “body bag” I called a duffle bag). We all went to get food form BWI (mostly McDonalds) before we headed onto our first fight to Denver. Between packing, studying, and the food coma starting to set in, I was ready to pass out on the plane. However, I am happy I did not as I was able to get to talk to James and Colin (in his brief moments of consciousness). However, the second fight I did pass out pretty early. Sadly, it was the shorter one of the flights and flew by in a heartbeat.
            Cars rented, Food bought, second McDonalds run made, and with Andy on the aux, we were ready to head out to what will be our home for the next week. Between sleeping and singing along to Piano man, the car ride itself was not all that eventful, until we made a quick stop. One of the things I was looking forward to seeing the most was all the stars that I am never able to see back in Maryland. We pulled over for a few minutes in the cold Montana night. We all looked up at a great canopy of stars above us, amazed by not only what we saw above us, but the fact that not a single car drove by us the entire time we were standing out there. We all groggily entered the bunkhouse a little after midnight, we quickly unpacked our food and were given a quick tour of the bunkhouse, it was time to sleep in a real bed. We all were told to sleep and not talk as we’d be exhausted next morning, and in an uncharacteristic move by a group of high school guys, we listened and went to sleep to cap off the first day of one of what’s going to be one of the most pivotal weeks of our lives. ~ Conner '19

Travel Day
After a long morning spent finishing our midterm exams, the Montana crew hit the road, driven to the airport by the illustrious Br. Rhoades in a Minibus packed to the gills. The day was long and tiring, as we had to board a flight to Denver, and then connect to another flight into Great Falls. At 4 and 2 hours respectively, there was a lot of downtime to kill. Throughout our time traveling, we had the opportunity to reflect and rest before preparing for the long journey ahead. Looking out the windows of the plane made me realize how different Montana would be from Baltimore. Rather than a plethora of lights spanning the landscape, there were no lights at all; the night was pitch black.
              After landing in Great Falls, we drove our rental vehicles into town. Our first stop was the Super Market where we picked up groceries for the week (at least to get us started!). Then we stopped at the nearby McDonalds for a quick meal before starting our long drive to the Bunkhouse. On the way, we stopped on the side of the road to gaze up at the stars. The views are beautiful because there is not as much light pollution away from the cities. After making it a bit after 12, we made quick work getting to bed and getting ready for our first day.
              Very excited for the journey to come. ~ John’19