Day 1 - Miami Experience

Today, we traveled to Homestead, Florida.  This included two plane trips and a one-hour car ride to the school.  When we arrived, my first impression was the opposite of what I had expected.  The houses were surprisingly organized and sound looking.  I was expecting to see a bunch of dilapidated and poorly arranged houses.  When we got in, it was raining.  However, the rain did not affect the warmness of our hosts.  When we got to “The Centro” we pulled up out front of one of the main buildings, which was not very large.  “The Centro” is a small one-floor building with two kitchens, a sewing room, and a computer lab.  After this, we broke off and played a game in one of the rooms.  While we were playing our game, we were informed that dinner had arrived.  Susana, the principal of the school, and our other hosts invited us to a dinner of plenty of pizza and soda.  We finished dinner and that was when we really started to introduce each other.  We all went around and introduced ourselves with our name, how old we were, and some of our aspirations. This was a neat experience to hear about some of the hosts and their stories.  After the dinner, we went for a walk around the entire neighborhood.  This was very interesting, because it allowed us to see how some of these people live in this camp.

One thing that I hope to gain from this trip is a unique view into the life of people who are migrant farmworkers.  This is something I definitely want to learn more about at this camp. One of the reasons I’m here is to learn about service through first-hand experience, and to help these kids realize they can be successful. Today was a very interesting look into the life of these people, and I would say all of us are pretty tried and will sleep well tonight. I can’t wait to work with some of the kids tomorrow and learn more about them. 

Daniel Harris '18