Day 3 - Miami Experience

Today was our second day of service at the Centro in Homestead, Florida. After having spent yesterday cleaning out several rooms and closets there was a lot of extra clothes, bags, and soft drinks that the Centro did not need. So we brought everything outside and offered it out to any passing cars.  We would stop the cars and when we gave the drivers the free items they would become exited and thank us endlessly. It made my day to see everyone so grateful over some free items.   

In the afternoon, I tutored a young girl in reading comprehension. She had to read a passage and then make new sentences using the highlighted words within it.  When we first began to work she was distracted by her friends and the noises in the classroom. Once her friends left the classroom, she began to calm down and concentrate on her work. She started to formulate sentences on her own and started to comprehend the passage more effectively. She began to grow more confident as she progressed and when she finished, I could tell she was excited to have accomplished her work.

Lastly, one of my favorite interactions of the day happened just before dinner. Chris and I were walking around the neighborhood and we said “Hola” to two young boys who had inflatable hammers. They immediately came up to us and we started to play together and talking. The younger of the two boys than decided he wanted us to come meet some of his other friends and began running down the street. When we got to the place the young boy was taking us about ten children came up to Chris and I asking questions and trying to get us to join in on their activities.  The joy that Chris and I brought them by just playing with them and going along with their games was heartwarming. I hope in the upcoming days to continue developing relationships with the people of Homestead and want to enjoy my time with these wonderful people.

Aidan Leyen ‘17