Day 4 - Miami Experience

Today was an interesting and enlightening day in Homestead, Florida.  My main task for the day was to give out extra drinks from the learning center to people that were driving by in the community.  I was amazed by how thankful the people were to receive something as simple as a pack of sodas.  Some of the people that we gave them out to didn't even know what it was that we were giving them, but they still seemed very excited and thanked us numerous times.  This simple act really shows the appreciation that the people in this community have for even the simplest of items, which makes me realize how much I take the simple things that I have in life for granted.

Earlier this week, I was challenged to think about why I choose to attend this immersion trip.  Upon thinking about it for a while I realized that I wanted to help some people and learn more about poverty. It’s not easy trying to understand poverty. The people here in the community receive many benefits such as low rent and assistance with food, some even drive nice cars.  What then is the incentive to find a better life? How can we make any kind of difference here? 

After spending some time with the children, I realized that the most important thing we can do is be an example to the children. Most of the kids here don't know much about the world outside of Homestead.  One of the volunteers here said that it is a great accomplishment if they are able to teach one or two kids that make it through high school, and into college.  If we talk about going college, maybe the children will dream about going to college too.  I hope that I can serve as a role model to these kids and that they see us as a reason to venture out of Homestead to bigger and better things.

Colin Shoul ‘18