CHC Places 2nd in the Physics Olympics

The Physics Olympic team made up of Ben Antonyraj '18, Dominic Escobal '18, Nathan Gardner '18, Seth Gregory '18, and Andrew Lynch '18 placed 2nd out of a field of 65 teams at the Central Maryland Physics Olympics.

The 'main event' was an egg drop competition. Teams were asked to drop eggs from 4 meters up without cracking or breaking them upon landing. They were allotted 20 minutes to design and create their contraption using only shredded paper, duct tape and aluminum foil. They narrowly missed out on placing first. 

The Physics Olympic team is led by moderators Mrs. Sue Ward and Mr. Jack Stewart. Mrs. Ward has been on the Central Maryland Physics Olympics Committee since its inception 25 years ago as well as a head judge. She began teaching at Calvert Hall and moderating the CHC Physics Olympic Team in 2001. In 2001 and 2002, the team competed in-house before competing in the Central Maryland Physics Olympics. This is her 12th top 10 finish and her 9th time leading the team to a top 3 finish.

Physic Olympic Placement Over The Years
2017 - 2nd
2016 - 33rd
2015 - 13th & 39th
2014 - 15th & 30th
2013 - 7th & 8th
2012 - 31st
2011 - 3rd ,12th, & 36th
2010 - 2nd & 13th
2009 - 1st
2008 - 1st
2007 - 3rd, 5th, & 19th
2006 - 12th, 22nd, & 47th
2005 - 2nd
2004 - 2nd  & 27th
2003-2nd & 17th